24.3342 (Windows)

Bonus TANS now show the renewal time
Bug locked call of limit/report details fixed
Bug fixed multiple hints at maximum bonus

24.3339 (Windows)

Web Filters: Improved Keyword Routines
Fixed issue with Autoupdater (NFS)
New counter for used extensions
TAN entry for roaming member

23.3334 (Windows)

Problem Approved PLUS Websites Fixed
Improved display info window
Web Filter: Improved Internal Cache
Web filter: Problem whitelist fixed

23.3329 (Windows)

Web Filter Hotfix Whitelist
Web filtering problems ChatGPT fixed

23.3324 (Windows)

Web Filter Improvements
Fixed web filter issues
Fixed problems with Fifa24 (FC24)
Extended internal debug log

23.3309 (Windows)

Error in pause count and display (remaining time) fixed
Fixed display issue with end of lock time
Improved DB error handling (restart)
Deleting Times Routine Improved

23.3303 (Windows)

New Feature: Renewal Request
New handling web filter for inactive user

23.3300 (Windows)

New feature: Counting app (*.exe) in the background
Improved web filtering fallback routine
Show logs (for child) can be hidden
Show limits (for child) can be hidden
Fixed an app lock error when the app filter is deactivated
Error release request app (*.exe) E-mail fixed

23.3293 (Windows)

Time zone lockable for standard users
Bugfix wantDelete / Delete DB times
Bugfix: Sunday time limit

23.3289 (Windows)

Setup: Discovery of AzureAD accounts
Fixed a bug in the setup when reinstalling
Fixed bug with exotic region settings formats
Limit view via action button for children
Reconciliation of renewal for roaming devices
Web filter now supports Brave

22.3266 (Windows)

Installation: Spaces are now allowed for PC names
Installation: Fixed bug with disabled users
Web filter now supports Vivaldi

22.3265 (Windows)

Display remaining time in Top3 (incl. overtime)
Revised database routines and limit control (threads)
Renewal via portal at the dawn of a new day (reset car)
Improved standby mode detection, start-stop emails
Improved detection and display of Approved PLUS incl. status display
Last Minute Check Extension/Bonus App Before Shutdown
Database Problems Detection and Repair (in Error Handler)
Fix bonus usage and parallel website (Youtube at bonus app scenario)

22.3240 (Windows)

No more multiple identical log entries in a row
Fixed bug limit blocking time when renewing
Bug display end of lock time fixed (quarter of an hour)

22.3239 (Windows)

Guessfix MemoryLeak objJson
Advanced debugging options SC 1830

22.3238 (Windows)

Web filters, keywords, also spaces
Fixed web filter problem deleting entries
Internal: Bug Report Improvements

22.3237 (Windows)

Internal: TABSSession removed
Bugfix: Extension no longer additive
Bugfix: Installer for multiple incorrect passwords
Check if lock windows are outside of desktop boundaries
Show password Checkbox added

22.3235 (Windows)

Improved install/uninstall routine

22.3233 (Windows)

Fixed bug in roaming counter
None allowed PLUS apps in lockdown period
Blacklist on reinstall latest version
Blacklist Update 150 days back (instead of 30)

22.3223 (Windows)

Romaing improvement: Separate local counter and display

22.3222 (Windows)

New option: No Approved PLUS for Santlimit -> Pause
New option: Allow PLUS for action -> \Lock until\

22.3221 (Windows)

Internal migration to Delphi 11
Internal conversion to mch 4
Child Controlkat/Blacklist Routines (now without DLL)
Fixed bug in pause function

22.3211 (Windows)

Message from Portal in New Toast Window without Auto-Hide
Regrouping from Allowed PLUS after timeout fixed
Internal handling javaw.exe changed (no more global exclude)
Support for Lunar Minecraft Client
Fixed display issue with long filenames in Toast