Improved app recognition


Secure boot blocked on Samsung revised
Device admin can be skipped during installation
Minor bug fixes


TAN can be entered offline (optional)
Improved manual renewal on roaming devices
Reworked autostart routines


Total time count can be paused for custom app
Total time count can be paused for home screen
Additional Fallback for Detection Approved Plus


Automatic recovery of missing FCM tokens


Fixed possible error with time counting
App itself is reliably counted (can be switched off)
Improved handling of audio/sound counting
Improved display of times within the app


New App Check Detection (Portal > Settings > Options Android)
Revised foreground app detection, lifecycle improvements
Samsung: Pinning apps can be locked via Samsung Security
Extended Debug Log


Web: No filtering for custom timeout and group domains
Web: Suggestions now also show timeout and group domains
Error locking indv. Domains fixed (x.com vs screfix.com)


Fixed endless loop for time-limited domain
Blocked app: Partial Fixed bug in lock screen


Sharing request for locked apps can be hidden
UI/Display Fix for Tablets (Landscape)


Audio detection when the screen is locked or display is OFF
Fixed possible infinite loop when the app is blocked
Improved display on tablets (landscape view)
Improved UI when extending in the lock screen


New screenshot function (also Android 10+)
Input extension on device improved
Better detection current app
Better detection of device status
Added debug log


Adjustments Setup with Hint Links
Missing rights routine reworked

3.1.1384 ***

Latest PlayStore Version
Miscellaneous bug fixes
Fix: Allowed PLUS from lock screen


Adaptations Samsung Devices
Forgot password can be hidden
Keywords with spaces, paths, and subdomains
Security Enhanced, Adjustments Android 14


New Feature: Renewal Request
Added biometrics in parent app
Limit view can be hidden on children's device
Log view can be hidden on children's device
Multi/guest users can be locked on Samsung tablet


New Forgot Password Routine
Miscellaneous layout/UI improvements
Miscellaneous improvements for AndroidTV
Fixed error blocking time within hour
Warning small message now as notification

3.1.1366 (BETA)

Samsung Security for Samsung Devices
Optimizations Sync (hadRecentSync)
Alternate Time Counting


Better Pip/Picture-in-Picture Recognition (Web Portal -> Security)
Fixed bug with temporary sharing settings
Various adjustments and updates for Android 12/13
Audio stops immediately after total limit expires
Reconciliation of renewal for roaming devices
Limit view via action button for children
Better recognition of Android notifications
Setup problem with Landscape/Tablet fixed


Lock screen can only be adjusted horizontally
Notification Not Blocked for Allowed PLUS
Position of the bonus bar adjustable
Web filter support Ecosia
Fixed issue with Spotify
Improved security
Password Error Counter


Miscellaneous Security Improvements
Adjustments for Huawei (Settings detection)
Adjustments for Xiaomi (Onboarding, Security)


App-Info Child Control now blocked by default
Hotfix Null Issues (Roaming Display)


Romaing improvement: Separate local counter and display
Suspected manipulation improved (strangeCounter from 2 to 4)
Fixed an error with (temporarily) release settings
Toast Message for Blocked Popups


Fixed bug with locked settings (while blockscreen)
Improved overall stability (ANR fixes)
Improved security


Web Filter Improvements
Improvement of overall stability
Fixed an error when calling bonus apps
Fixed bug with keyboard delay
Security + Tamper Protection Improved
Security: Lock notification changed


No bonus TAN link for blocking release
Fix: Web Filter Back Button Problem
Suspicion of manipulation and blocking in case of wrong date


Hotfix Xiaomi: incorrect lock of settings fixed


Hotfix: Fixed bug with bonus count
Crashalytics Null and Guessfixes


Lock screen: Release request only for locked apps
Fixed sporadic bugs with new manipulation routine
New rights check for Xiaomi devices (esp. Overlay Check)
When sharing an app on a device, the app is now launched immediately
Instant sync with Web Portal directly to device after sharing
Bugfix: Miscellaneous Null and Guesssfixes


Approved PLUS optionally possible with blocking time
Web filter for other browsers (Firefox, DuckDuckGo, Brave)
Manipulation routine changed to time lock
Bugfix: Settings: Scrolling app list possible without password
Bugfix: OFF until disables all areas of child control
Bugfix: Onboarding GPS on Android 11+, Always allow
Added Crashalytics (anonymous bug reports)
New Accessibility Routines (Performance)
Adjustments for Android 12 (Settings) and Xiaomi (Missing Rights)


Xiaomi: Removed notice when onboaring, replaced by wakeups
Audio Stop when app is blocked (sometimes strange bug)
Bugfix: Web portal directly on children's device no return to homescreen


Bugfix: Allowed PLUS flag for websites
Bugfix: IsScreenOff detection for Chromecasts
SSE as a fallback for missing FCM (Amazon, Huawei, etc.)
One-time sharing of an app on device possible


Various customizations for Chromecast, AndroidTV, and Chromebook
Amazon: Usage data for older devices removed in Obbarding
Bugfix: Locked until expired fixed
Securityfix: Implicit Intent issue fixed